with the Block Chain Business Model

The Facite Foundation has launched a solar power plant project to ensure adequate absorption of electricity into the mining industry, which will soon take place in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan became a new site for the demolition of digital assets that were moved from previous locations in China. This decision was made by considering reducing the quality of mining in the previous country and assessing the future prospects of the selected new location. Environmental conditions play an important role in this case, and Kazakhstan is considered the right location because it supports most of the criteria sought. This development will take place in the next few years and is expected

In addition to supporting the construction of solar power plants, the Facite Foundation has also planned other programs aimed at the general public as key players in the next program. Although mining activities are ultimately carried out to support public functions, other programs developed by the Facite Foundation must be adapted to better deal with the community functions carried out in daily activities. The program they planned was the procurement of bus transportation cards. This is the next Facite Foundation project after they can realize more optimal mining activities and complete the construction of solar power plants.

The construction of this power plant is expected to affect many people, especially those who have a large share in the state of Kazakhstan. In carrying out this development, various important parties from companies and well-known institutions or institutions will be involved. After completing the construction phase, special power supplies will be transferred directly to the mining system at the Facite Foundation Mining Center. The location of the mining center is not too far from the center of the power plant, where the site is still connected to the substation and mining center of Pawlodar. The location that is not too far away is more profitable for the costs involved. The small distance between each infrastructure further reduces network transportation costs, so you can save up to 25% for costs. In addition to generating profits from traded digital assets, profits are also derived from the costs of electricity bills paid by the Community. Although costs are lower due to savings from solar power, they will also benefit in this regard.

This benefit is used by the Facite Foundation to determine the budget for getting a bus transportation card. This card can be used by any community when traveling with this type of transportation. If you arrive by bus, you can use this card to pay for the trip. This procedure will further simplify the payment system, which does not have to be repeated manually. Automatic payment of public transportation costs with bus cards is widespread in several industrial countries in the world with very high traffic volumes. Kazakhstan will be the next place to use the payment system on this bus ticket. This was done to improve economic progress in the country through more modern procedures. Paying with a card is considered more efficient and does not take long.

Business Model and Facite Dividend Foundation

The Facite Foundation also operates maps of Kazakh buses and solar power plants. The solar power plant will be built in Almaty, one of the three largest cities in Kazakhstan. The Facite Foundation will receive a portion of the profits from these two projects and forward them to facite holders. The Token FacTe holder will receive dividends from the profits of Pavlodar Facite Mining Center, Shimkent City Bus Card Project and solar power plant projects. The benefits associated with holders can be examined in detail using the Facite Foundation dividend table.

solar power plant

Promotion of Kazakhstan’s renewable energy business. Khan 21 HOLDING entered the solar energy field. Buy business licenses as the selected investment company – Talgar City Project Area, Solar Power Plant and the first Korean Gate Power Plant to be completed in Kazakhstan by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

transportation payment card

Get a license for INNOB CO., Ltd Introduction and operation of public transportation Planned to introduce a U-payment system

Data Center

Optimal environment, cheap electricity data center for city-supported electrical equipment. More than 2 million mining equipment is available for 49 years of lease. OTHER DIFFERENCES.  Cheap electricity Data centers and city supporting electrical equipment. More than 2 million mining machines are available, leased for 49 years, looking for a better mining market with abundant sustainable energy. FACITE has taken a step forward, but mainly because with several innovations that need to be used, FACITE also guarantees sustainable returns

Because Kazakhstan is the ninth country in the world, the transportation sector is the most important aspect. Less developed transportation infrastructure has a direct impact on business development. The FACITE project business model extends the use of a universal automatic payment system. Such payment systems not only include buses and transportation equipment, but also retail, pharmacies, card bookings, electronic money management systems, and ATMs. For more information about your bus ticket schedule, visit the white book page. The required link is in the  description. Another important factor for the development of FACITE is solar energy. Kazakhstan is very concerned about environmental protection, the creation of green infrastructure and renewable energy sources. Kazakhstan has favorable geographical conditions for solar energy production. In this condition, experts predict the development of solar energy in Kazakhstan by an average of 17-32% per year. In addition, the country has silicon reserves and there are factories for solar cell production.

The token is distributed as follows:

  • 40% will go on sale
  • 20% of the company’s business
  • 10% of team members
  • 10% marketing
  • 10% for developers
  • 5% consultant
  • 5% security

TIM consultant  road map   for more information:    Website:     https://www.facite.org/  White Book:     https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/8f0e7c_3b99c6eebe30449f9b30e0b477c01848.pdf Twitter:     https://twitter.com/ faciteofficial   Facebook:      https: // www.facebook.com/Facite-394735348032337/   Telegram:      https://t.me/faciteofficial  thread ANN:     https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5124497    Instagram:     https: // www.instagram. com / faciteorg /   by; Ninejera Link:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579434

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