provide protection and fixed prices for IP owners

Project Colletrix is ​​one of the first different tokens in the world (“NFT”), which is intended to be associated with the design of physical properties (“IP”) of physical goods. This project will be combined with IP, blockchain and products to revolutionize the market for products that use NFT, ERC-721 tokens and ERC-20 tokens, known as Colletrix Tokens (“CIPX”), which will create all the different ecosystems that benefit more supporters.

One part of this project involves the development of NFT, which represents the unique ownership of IP related to goods. Another part of this project involves the development of CIPX, which distributes cryptocurrency in the Colletrix (“Ecosystem”) ecosystem.

Digital collections in games in the form of NFT are becoming increasingly popular because of the launch of CryptoKitties in 2018 and strong initial success. We believe that NFT offers a very large potential application in the goods market.

Using the appeal of crypto collections, the Project will be the first to integrate the new economy with the old economy, creating a completely new business model. The creation of the Colletrix platform (“Platform”) will present the industry’s first platform where IP native owners can provide new lifetime licenses through tokenization. We use NFT technology to create new business models that will benefit IP owners and consumers. After doing this, we began the first step towards developing and enhancing the blockchain community ecosystem. This platform will become a new milestone in the IP market for goods and industry.

We are proud to present Colletrix, a block chain project that combines IP elements, blockchain and products to create new market value supported by the world’s leading smart contract system Ethereum.

Through the platform, we predict the interest of collectors; we maximize the benefits of the franchisee; we enjoy the benefits of IP owners.

This platform is a new business model consisting of mutually beneficial relationships between five parties: IP owners, merchandisers, collectors, crypto fans and you

For IP owners
this project aims to give the original IP owner the 
opportunity to provide a lifetime. license by receiving NFT. The unique design of IP owners will be included in their unique NFT, and, therefore, will lead to the creation of a secondary IP-NFT market (“NFT Marketplace”). IP owners will be rewarded.mission

With the help of the Platform, we strive to create new market value by integrating IP tokensization. With the introduction of NFT, we will combine the old economy and the new economy. Therefore, we will do this to expand the opportunity for all IP owners and producers worldwide to make long-term licenses for their IP6; and for traders, we will offer them new market value from their physical goods through the application blockchain, maximizing the attractiveness and profitability of their products. The inclusion of the NFT will create dynamic interest in collectors, giving them easy access to cryptographic markets and opening new business opportunities, such as franchising. Colletrix will be one of the first to inspire great transformation and global economic integration.


We predict a world where new economies and old economies will be fully integrated to create new economic models that maximize benefits for all participants. Starting from IP and creative industries, we anticipate an industrial revolution when IP owners can save decent licensing costs by implementing blockchain technology. CIPX Tokenomics

Colletrix will release its own ecosystem token, Colletrix Token (“CIPX”). CIPX is a cryptocurrency that is supported by the Ethereum network with the ERC-20 standard. Therefore, all records related to CIPX can be seen using the Ethereum browser. As a trade cryptocurrency, CIPX can be used in a variety of situations, but it is primarily and initially used in NFT purchases issued through the NFT Marketplace.

We aim to create a disturbing ecosystem that will introduce the new Tokenisasi IP business transformation for this industry. Through IP tokenization, we strive to improve and provide benefits for IP owners. At the same time, it will attract large additional IP owners to expand this ecosystem. As more IP owners will participate in this program, merchandisers will be able to expand the product range for physical goods in combination with digital assets. The NFT market will attract the attention and interest of collectors throughout the world. Our large and loyal collection base will increase trading volume and increase market prices for CIPX due to high demand, especially given that the number of NFT and CIPX is limited to a stable amount.


When intellectual property is sold in a free market, the original creator usually loses both legally and economically. Buyers and collectors must always verify the authenticity and history of the goods or intellectual property they buy before making a purchase. Unfortunately, the practice of law knows many negative examples when buyers fail to get complete information about the rights obtained. Following are the main problems faced by participants in the market for trade in intellectual property and property rights:

1 Lack of an effective verification method. Traditional methods do not provide a complete guarantee of authenticity, therefore, many market participants pay attention to new digital technologies and try to develop a system of verification of their own rights.

2 Reducing the value of intellectual property rights and reducing the income of the owner. Modern business models cause gradual decline in value and a decrease in income. The legal object is depreciated due to forgery and other serious vulnerabilities.

3 Counterfeit and counterfeit goods. Luxury items or limited editions are often marketed with high collection value. Nonetheless, many dishonest intermediaries negatively affect their value, because the costs fall quickly.


Colletrix allows intellectual property writers and collectors to turn their properties into digital assets, which enables them to improve their rights to have distributed distribution in blockchain, the reliability that everyone knows. In this way, ownership is protected safely and the owner can always prove ownership. Buyers can check information about assets obtained on the open public registry blockchain and get all the information and history about items purchased. It should be noted all categories of users who can use the Colletrix ecosystem and receive benefits and advantages:

1 For intellectual property owners. They receive a prize in the form of a fixed percentage of the price of the NFT trade made by the owner. Trading prices are generated as a result of trading on the NFT special stock exchange

2 for sellers. They can sell their unique assets through licensed ownership, registered in the NFT token. Each NFT token can be used several times and cannot be copied or faked.

3 For collectors. Because NFT tokens and physical goods will be limited in number, limited supply will cause high competitive demand in the market.

4 For CIPX token owners. Owners of these virtual currencies can freely participate in the intellectual property market economy. The more users involved in the ecosystem, the more items and NFT tokens will be generated through the platform, attracting all new users.

Colletrix developers have begun to take advantage of current technological advancements. The Blockchain-registry is a reliable solution for recording all operations on the platform. He also protects the content rights of intellectual writers, owners of rare items and collectibles and unique luxury items. Every user is always free to check the information needed in an open and transparent network.

Adoption of Colletrix Token

CIPX will be applied in various situations, including:

Buy special Crypto-exclusive items

CIPX can be used to buy NFT on the NFT Marketplace and special products in the Marketplace produced by Undone and Colletrix. Colletrix will work with UNDONE to release a series of special crypto-exclusive products that can only be purchased for CIPX in the commodity market. Customers will be able to see a complete catalog of crypto exclusive products in this market. To buy this product, the customer must accept an important wallet to trade and do CIPX. After that, they can start trading for CIPX and buy exclusive crypto products in the Marketplace at a registered CIPX price.

Then, when a user wants to make another physical reduction product in the future, using the NFT IP design *, he needs to release CIPX for the right to produce goods on the platform.

IEO rating:

Initial exchange offers for CIPX will be held at various stock exchanges around the world.

Roadmap and Milestones

Conclusion: Based on data and facts, Colletrix is ​​very good for review and investment. This is based on the current reality, many projects that are not good, and forces everyone who asks a lot of questions about their beliefs and truths, so if you want to invest in this project, you should read all about the article I do so you can learn more about this Colletrix project from them. Here is a review that I present to you in search of information and knowledge about the Colletrix project 
that is currently managed by their team, if there is no explanation for this article, don’t worry, I have 
set a link so you get accuracy information. information and, of course, you can
talk directly with the founder or their team, with reference.

For more information and to join the Colletrix social network today, follow this link:


White paper:


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