Solution to the Time and Money Dilemma

When we were children, we all had studied in the junior class that  Humans were Social Animals and Can’t Live Without Society  . Working on this concept our parents and parents there and parents there and our previous generation, tried there the best level to give the best they had there children with my intention good food to eat, clothes that good to use, good home for life, good education so that there children can live in a society made by humans comfortably and respectfully.

This thought of living a comfortable and respectful life has been passed on from one generation to another in the same way as it began but, have we ever thought how much pain and problems experienced to give us respect for what they dream about us. The answer is simple  NO,  why? because just like our parents, we are also busy making our future generations stay in their lives. It looks like a bicycle chain is going up and down, a race that never ends that no one can win.

Now, the question that must arise in our minds is  why can’t someone win this race? 
The answer is quite simple, we are all trained to sell Time and Knowledge for Money. So it’s called  money for a time trap
where someone sells their knowledge and time to get money so that the family there is safe. Look at some of these questions and answer for yourself:

  • When was the last time you had a family dinner?
  • When was the last time you held a Family Picnic?
  • When was the last time you had dinner or lunch at an expensive restaurant?
  • When was the last time you went shopping with family with  Tag Free Shopping (shopping without seeing the price tag)?

There are many other examples but we don’t really care about them because we don’t have enough  money  but have plenty of  time

In fact, contrary to this is another category where people have a lot of money or rather say  wealth  but don’t have time to spend it,  Time to trap money they don’t have time to meet there close and dear. Even so they want to be with friends and family, but they cannot because of lack of time.

The beauty of nature is that all eveyone on this planet no matter how rich, or how good to do that we are all blessed with  24 hours a  day that will be credited in the lives of everyone the next day again.

Being rich doesn’t mean that person gets an extra hour or two in life there.

In short, the world is full of people trapped there living somewhere or another and although there will be they cannot move on their own because they are trapped in time and money or money and a time trap.

Scott. A Miller

Thanks to the 21st century and the Blockchain Technology to help us overcome this delimitation of time and money.

Why does Mycro use Blockchain ??

The reason is:

  1. Fast and easy to use.

Mycro’s intelligent algorithm is able to match the right job with the right contractor very quickly. You can post your work needs and workers see work anytime.

  1. Trust

People who meet strangers lack trust. Micro will solve this problem through a decentralized ranking and verification system implemented by smart contracts on the blockchain.

  1. Seurity

The money is held by smart contracts escrow decentralized when work is done. Job providers and employers do not have access. The escrow contract will handle the remuneration of the employer only if the work is successful.

  1. Low Cost 
    Mycro Vision to turn Mycro into a fully decentralized application (dApp). By eliminating intermediaries, fees of up to 30% charged by intermediaries no longer have to be paid. Jobs can always be posted for free. Workers only pay 2% to use the Mycro Application.

Design and Function of Tokens:

Token Distribution

Fund distribution



For More Information Visit the Below Link:








by ; Ninejera


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