At present the progress of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology has become a big thing for all circles.

Having a crypto currency investment is a must for modern society. This is very interesting for many new crypto products to make ICO released to the wider community.

This is also what caught my attention as a writer to write a very promising ICO project for your future, about ICO  MYCRO  .

MYCRO  is the main idea of ​​this project is to create innovative solutions, which are problems with lack of time and lack of relevant funds. This project is a mobile application that will organize a variety of short-term jobs for all types of people, where they will be able to delegate some of their work or care to others and get the desired results (time or money).

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How Does Mycro Work? 
The most important Mycro difference appears at this time. The application stores the characteristics of employers and employees in a very large database. In addition, this database is enriched with unlimited possibilities from blockchain technology and smart algorithms, the results of self-learning software send the exact work you are looking for exactly to employers who are looking for you. And perfect partner. The entire event begins with the employer entering preferences about the employee as he or she is looking for, introducing talent and work skills into the database of previous work experience. Smart applications process the preferences and success of your business that you have made before and create your full profile. And the results are exactly what you want.

How are payments made? 
After matching employers and employees, the Mycro application identifies each QR code. And the start of the work is marked on the blockchain. If the employer and worker agree that payments are made with the Vocational School, the employer scans the QR code of the worker and provides wages on the smart contract. Money is kept in custody during work. At the end of the employer, the employer reads the employee’s QR code again, takes over the smart contract money, and thus reaches the wages of the worker released.

Projenin çalışma prensibi ve çıkış amacı çok basit değil mi? Ancak gündelik hayatımızın bu basit! işlerinin zamanımızın ne kadar çoğunu elinde tuttuğunu düşünürseniz, projenin ne denli önemli bir işlevi üstlendiğini daha iyi kavrarsınız.

FireShot Capture 168 - Mycro I Simply complete the job - https ___ www.mycrojobs.io_.png
FireShot Capture 169 - Mycro I Simply complete the job - https ___ www.mycrojobs.io_.png

Why do Mycro and Blockchain work? 

The success of Mycro is based on intuitive use. The needs of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs must be fulfilled quickly and simply. This happens by matching the right job offer with the right worker. Only in this way can you create a business model where both parties are satisfied. Good work for the employer. Fun and profitable work is provided for workers.

  • Mycro, blockchain teknolojisinden faydalanarak oluşturduğu akıllı algoritmalar sayesinde doğru işi, doğru çalışana çok hızlı şekilde eşleştirme yeteneğine sahip. İşler işveren tarafından mycro uygulamasına ücretsiz olarak ilan edilir. İşçiler de bu işlere her zaman ulaşabilir.
  • Blockchian teknolojisinin en önemli avantajlarından biri; block zincirine eklenen akıllı sözleşmelerdir ki projede merkezi olmayan derecelendirme ve doğrulama sistemleri ile güven sorunu çözülmüş, taraflar ciddi risk taşımadan bir araya gelebilecektir.
  • Mycro projesinin en can alıcı noktalarından birini tekrarlamak istiyorum.İşin yapımı sırasında ödenecek ücret, akıllı bir sözleşme tarafından emanette tutulacaktır. Bu paraya ne işverenin ne işçinin erişim hakkı yoktur. Emanet sözleşmesi ancak iş başarıldığında ücretin erişimini sağlayacaktır. Bu durumda 2 taraf ta mağduriyet yaşamaz. Çünkü işçi iş bitince ücretinin onu beklediğini bilir. İşveren de iş bitmeden ödediği paranın emanette saklandığının rahatlığındadır.
  • Düşük komisyon ücretleri sağlamak için Mycro Job ileride tamamen merkezi olmayan uygulamaya yönelece ve dApp uygulaması geliştirecektir. Aracının ortadan kalkması işçiden kesilen %30 gibi oranın işçiyde kalmasını sağlar ki bu da ücretlerin %30 artmasına eş değerdir. Çalışanlar dApp dan yararlanmak için sadece %2 ödeyeceklerdir.
FireShot Capture 167 - Mycro I Simply complete the job - https ___ www.mycrojobs.io_.png
       MYCRO ICO’SU ; MYO, Nasıl kullanılacak?

  1. İş Alışverişi: İşverenin ekranındaki kontrol panelinde daha iyi bir pozisyon elde etmek için token kullanabilirsiniz. Bu, aynı zamanda işin ücretini belirleyebilmenizi sağlayan bir arayüze ulaşmanızı sağlar.
  2. Ödüllendirme: Akıllı iş sözleşmesiyle kontrol edilenmycro uygulamasında başarılı işler tokenle ödüllendirilecektir.
  3. İşlerinizi öderken de MYO tokenları kullanmanız önerilir. Bu sizin güvenli şekilde bir emanet iş sözleşmesine sahip olmanızı da sağlayacaktır.

How will Mycro help you find work?Mycro depends on special sorting functions. Both employees and service providers can show their preferences and value them based on interests. Thanks to the Mandiri Smart Learning Algorithm, which will sort the available job offers, taking into account the pre-selected preferences, job history and rankings generated from this. The employer finds all job offers that are sorted individually in the Mobile Application. All of this is based on the user manual or surface, which is comparable to a network such as Tinder. The employer must do it

Project Features

Because the main features of this project are availability, openness and ease of use, Blockchain technology is an indispensable advantage. On that basis all the principles of further interaction of the participants of this platform will be built. Smart contracts and smart algorithms will help control this relationship. Contract provisions will be considered successful only when both parties are satisfied with fulfilling their obligations. Also within the MYCRO framework there will be a ranking of participants so employers have the opportunity to pre-assess potential potential workers.


This principle of interaction in a decentralized network will maximize the reliability and reputation of the future of all participants, while directly connecting with the specialists you need.

Distribution of tokens 
The total number of vocational schools: 100,000,000

A) Exclusive Sales: 26%

B) Pre-sales / Main Sales: 40%

C) Gift groups for users: 12%

D) 5% reward program

E) Bonuses and consultants: 8%

F) Team and founders: 9%

A) 45% of Marketing

B) 40% Development, technology and payroll

C)% Banking and Encryption

D) 7% Legal, consulting and management

FireShot Capture 170 - Mycro I Simply complete the job - https ___ www.mycrojobs.io_.png
FireShot Capture 171 - Mycro I Simply complete the job - https ___ www.mycrojobs.io_.png
FireShot Capture 180 - Mycro I Just finished work - https ___ www.mycrojobs.io_.png

In brief:
MYCRO has developed an application for us so that we can stand out from all the problems that have wasted our lives. Wherever we are in the world, we will be able to find the element we are looking for in a very short time and we will be able to make a secure agreement with a smart contract. If we want additional income in accordance with our capabilities, we will be able to upload our qualifications to the Mycro application and benefit at the right time and in conditions that benefit us. Blockchain that is smart, decentralized, transparent, and irreversible, features that cannot be hacked, and tons of data easily with the capacity to choose all of us are faced with the would-be business software that is very necessary. Mycro Job is software for all of us without exception. Worth investing in. Below is a link that can be used for investors who need further information.








by ; Ninejera

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