What is so special about 2Ether? Using new data analysis, we collect the best ideas, suggestions for improvements and startups. Thanks to 2Ether, you can launch IEO and get funding for your idea in just two days.  The 2Ether team has several main objectives:

  1. Encourage independent CPU / GPU miners

and protect it from the dominance of mining land using ASIC hardware. This is very important now because the award block on Ethereum has been cut by one third, and the market price is still quite low. Mining Ethereum stopped profitable, pushing small miners out of the market. We realize that inflation can be a problem for any digital currency, so prizes should be reduced over time. But it’s not true that ASIC agriculture survives in any market conditions thanks to its economies of scale, while GPU miners suffer. 2Ether solved this problem thanks to its innovative system of dynamic gift blocks. Basic rewards gradually decrease with time. At the same time, this is dynamically adjusted for current prices. Finally,

  1. Provides affordable audit tools for dApp developers.

A smart contract audit is very important, because it helps protect investor funds. Unfortunately, blockchain security companies charge very high fees for even the simplest audits, and many of these companies do not provide quality services. At 2Ether, the project can submit a free audit request – a combination of automated testing and manual reporting, which is carried out by specially inspected community members. There are also full paid audits with line-by-line code analysis and several reports.

  1. Make the IEO platform integrated with decentralized exchange

and audit system. IEO is becoming very popular and will probably replace ICO. They are much safer, because the project is inspected in advance in exchange. However, exchanges often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for ICOs, without guaranteeing success. 2Ether will offer a decentralized IEO platform where the community carries out all project evaluations, and all costs are distributed among users. It is possible to set up and launch IEO in just a few days. The new token will automatically be registered at the other 2Ether decentralized exchange. Before IEO, projects could order smart contract audits on the same platform. Our mission We aim to choose the best community ideas and bring them to life, building a framework in which the most promising miners, developers and infrastructure projects can develop.
Challenges and solutions 2Ether does not promise unrealistic processing speeds or instant transfers to proof of ownership and other technologies that don’t even exist yet. Instead, we offer solutions to real network problems and use cases that are easy to implement.
Problem • Block gifts for miners continue to decrease
• IEO fundraising is too expensive & unreliable • Audit services available have a low quality / price ratio • Most of the funds collected are spent on listings, not development Solution • Dynamic and specific rewards for missions
• Automatic IEO platform with direct register • Free crowdsourced smart and AI contract audits for free • Default decentralized exchanges with registration fees close to zero
Innovative features 2Ether provides a convenient and inexpensive startup launcher that promises and rewards all users who benefit from the network.
Real to be used in the real business world The key to 2Ether’s market strategy is to build partnerships with global and regional crypto payment gateways and online businesses – e-commerce stores, game platforms, crowdfunding sites and so on.
Free audit of smart contracts For projects that adjust IEO, auditing smart contracts is an important step. Send audits to potential investors for their reliable funds. Unfortunately, blockchain agencies require huge costs for contract audits – and don’t always provide reliable results.
Full IEO automation The initial exchange offer replaces ICO as the preferred fundraising method. Unfortunately, it quickly turned into an industry. Large exchanges charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for the launch of IEO – and do not offer a guarantee of success.
2 other DEX We designed 2EtherDEX to get the best of both worlds. It offers automatic chain ordering and bulletproof protection from hacker attacks. 
Details about ET2 tokens 

  • Symbol: ET2
  • Blockchain: 2Ether (originally from Ethereum)
  • Decimal: 18
  • Mining algorithm: Proof of work with incentives for CPU / GPU miners
  • Average block time: 60 seconds 

ROADMAP2019Q2 2019Team formation & ideasQ3 2019Planning & coding forksQ4 2019Launch network & Prize campaign2020Q1 2020Launch of decentralized displacementQ2 20202Ether Wallet 2.0 release & gateway integrationQ3 2020Introduction to crowdsourcedsmart contract auditsQ4 2020The first platform implementation of IEO and IEO2021Q1 2021AI algorithm for ready auditing contractsQ2 2021AI-based contract auditing and IEO evaluation

link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579434

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