DACX  blockchain-powered platform that bridges real commodities with crypto assets

WHAT IS DACX?DACX is a blockchain-powered platform that operates by bridging the best by involving profitable real commodities and crypto assets, encouraging the reuse of funds of that size to drive the international circular market. Through hosting innovative safety attributes, DACX introduces machine learning for real-time market surveillance to stop questionable activities and security threats.
INTRODUCING DACXThe blockchain industry has gone through various stages of innovation, development and growth. One such change is the DACX Platform which provides high-performance networks and artificial intelligence to help generate profits in the market. The best vision is aimed at providing a more efficient performance, complaints and security guarantee market. This also includes solutions for retail partners and instructional levels, too. DACX focuses on the common factors of fractionalization of resource and commodity features through tokenization. This creates space for attractiveness for more opportunities to be incorporated into all investor behavior, which then adds extra liquidity to the conventional market.WHY IS DACX INTRODUCED?
This project is driven by a vision and goals that are so extraordinary that their achievements require very active affiliation and partnership. The intended partnership cannot be found other than in the blockchain community and has supported the extraordinary shows made by DACX. The STO List is one of those goals, which has pushed DACX into action that fully combines design compliance with fundamental work structures. This will curb any regulatory issues that might grow in the future. Also, the agenda behind the project involves the transportation application. However, based on the availability of some of these infrastructures, suppliers provide access to applications such as trading machines.
In this same vein, DACX can help in giving the best orders, offers and offers. However, the performance of these trading machines depends on complex algorithms. In addition, the algorithmic factor in question uses multi-threaded procedures, especially those that are difficult to detect. The combination of these productive trading options is the main reason DACX can cover more than 10,000 trades in one second of its operation.
Finally, in almost all markets, there is always a tendency for possible abuse. This is the main reason for DACX’s excellent investment in risk management and supervision. To achieve this quest, the system primarily applies the AMM / AML option to provide trade oversight and all means of risk management.
The vision and goals of DACX are very high, and as such, their achievements require partnership and affiliation. This partnership is within the blockchain community and has helped in the fantastic steps DACX has produced. One of these goals is to include STO. For this result, DACX fully incorporates design compliance on the basis of the structure of the work to stop future regulatory problems.
This business also involves transportation applications. So partnering with some of these infrastructure suppliers provides access to applications such as trading fitting machines. This program can help to make the best orders, offers and offers. The performance of these trading machines depends on complex algorithms. This algorithm uses a multi-threaded procedure, which is very difficult to find. The combination of effective trading options is the reason DACX can cover more than ten thousand trades in 1 second.What problems are solved by DACX?CheatingMany of you know that when cryptocurrency, exchanges and so on arise, many scammers start appearing that attack ordinary users, thus stealing their money and personal data.Poor labor exchanges, payment systems and so on.As a rule, high volatility causes a reboot of the entire system. Most traders suffer because of this, they wait a long time for order processing and hence some suffer losses.Inability to withdraw or deposit Fiat.Many fiat exchange functions. And often it happens that they do not comply with regulatory requirements and this causes violations of banking relations. Therefore, fiat holders’ funds are risky.Confidentiality of management
Some exchanges do not specifically reveal the identity of their leader. This shows that they are not responsible.
The advantage1. The exchange fulfills all regulatory requirements, because it functions fiat.2. You can make payments in currencies such as EUR, USD, GPB and so on.3. Not only crypto and fiat assets are presented, but also goods, indexes, options, and so on.4. Reliability and safety at a high level.5. Processing transactions of up to 10 million per second.6. Control over trading and manipulation happens in real time using machine learning

DACX Token (DACX)We have published our own utility token, called DACX Token. A strict limit of 786,786,786 DACX has been created, never increasing and total supply will decrease through frequent token burning. The DACX token will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC 20 token standard.
Universal WalletUniversal Wallet is the core storage unit of DACX Remit. It uses DLT, traditional banking, and guards to store the following types of assets in one wallet: Fiat MoneyCrypto CurrencyUtility TokenSecurity Token (STO)Stable CoinsCommodity Token 

DACX Road MapSeptember 2019-Pre-RegistrationOctober 2019 – Pre-Launch of IEOQ4 2019-Exchange LaunchQ4 2019-Fiat Gateways Q1 2020 – Expanding Operational Jurisdiction to EU & AsiaQ1 2020 – Cross-border PaymentsQ1 2020-STO Integration Q1 2020-Virtual Debit CardQ1 2020-Bridge Remit & ExchangeQ2 2020-Margin TradingQ2 2020-DEFI – Loans Q2 2020-Extending Operational Jurisdiction to NA
DACX Team1. CHEUDHRY ZEESHAN: Founder | CEO2. FRANS KLERKS: Head of Marketing3. LISA LI: Regional Marketing & Communications4. TARIMA ISMAIL: Cyber ​​Security & Blockchain Engineer5. CURTIS PAVLIK: Regional Sales & Operations6. JAMES WACKETT: Regional Business Development7. FRASS MASROOR: Full Stack Developer8. UMAIR JAWAID: DevOps & Platform Engineer9. PETER MACDONALD: Strategy & Business Partnership Strategy Division
Advisor1. RICHARD GARDNER: Modulus Global CEO2. LAURENCE KIRK: CEO Extropy.IO
For more information about DACX: Exchange: https://www.dacx.exchange/ WhitePaper: https://dacx.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/DACX_White .. Twitter: https: //twitter.com/dacx_io Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dacx.io Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dacx-group Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialDacx Github: https://github.com/DACX-io Medium: https://medium.com/@dacxinclink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579434

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