Bitcoin mining in the world.


INMINING is  a new innovative project that is ready to give everyone a unique opportunity to take part in cryptocurrency mining. Interestingly, if you decide to work with a platform, you no longer need to buy equipment, assemble a farm, solve serious cooling problems, and many other problems. You now get 100% access to advanced mining technology from world-renowned companies.  Modern Data Centers will be built on Russian territory  in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone  . The capacity of this center is 10 MW.

As you know, recently, problems are getting more intensive and the requirements for mining problems are becoming more difficult. First of all, it is necessary to refer to them what questions:
1. Stricter rules  . Everyone knows that now, in many countries, a complete mining ban is being discussed for companies and individuals. This is true even for China, where half of the world’s mining resources are located.
2 Large electricity costs  . Unfortunately, only a few can afford electricity that is affordable and can be developed to ensure stable growth.
3 Lacking infrastructure . To fully regulate mining production, infrastructure such as special sites, protected areas, access at all times, professional support, and much more is needed.
4 High tax  . Sometimes taxes reach such a level that they absorb a large portion of investor profits.

Current problem
in  Bitcoin mining

  • Stricter regulations

Authorities from many countries are considering a full ban on  mining  for both companies and individuals. In particular, mining will soon be banned in China, which holds more than half of the  world’s mining hashrate  .

  • Lack of infrastructure

Mining companies need separate and secure areas; 24/7 access; professional technical support; and much more.

  • High energy costs

Some jurisdictions can offer affordable electricity and the measurable access needed to build a  successful mining operation  .

  • Excessive taxation

Tax often takes up most of the profits.

The  INMINING  solution

This project provides effective solutions to all major problems that interfere with the  large mining business  .Alabuga Special Economic Zone is one of Europe’s top locations for launching large industrial projects. Thanks to the special train terminal, equipment can be sent directly to the location. Data center security will be guaranteed by fenced areas, professional security personnel, and internal firefighters.

  • Affordable energy

This site provides a total of 350 MW of power (of which 30% is not currently used) and a free service that connects production to electricity.

  • Tax exemption

INMINING will be exempt from land, property and transportation taxes for 10 years. In addition, the Alabuga Special Economic Zone region is considered a free customs area.

Our partners

  • Alabuga Special Economic Zone

In 2019, Alabuga is the largest and most successful KEK industry and manufacturing in Russia. Blockchain Technology   LLC is   registered with KEK. There is an initial agreement to build a  large mining data center  .

  • Synergis.Lab

Synergis.Lab is a community of IT and blockchain experts. For the Inmining project   they made a review of the white paper and developed   Tokenomics  .

  • Genirium

Genirium is a marketing agency that works with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Genirium agent is a  partner  project  INMINING  and consult with the project about marketing, PR, and the IEO.

 Mining operations

The INMINING data  center  will use hardware such as BlockBox AC from Bitfury. This will allow easy scaling with a minimum step of 1.2 MW, minimization of capital investment, and quick launch and regulation.

  • Top-level productivity

The BlockBox AC cellular data center consists of 176 air-cooled servers with a total hashrate of 14 PH / s.

  • Innovation & scalability

BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful yet inexpensive solutions available in the   global Bitcoin mining market.

  • Mobility

AC BlockBox data center is a comprehensive and packaging solution that can be positioned in any geographic location.

  • Reliability

24-hour monitoring and technical support provided for BlockBox AC guarantees maximum productivity and fast problem resolution.

  • Remote performance monitoring

BlockBox AC owners can remotely monitor hardware using a browser interface or a mobile application.

  • Next generation technology

BlockBox AC data centers can be easily upgraded by replacing only the necessary components.

Benefits of  containerized mining solutions  :

  1. Minimal fee
  2. Fast delivery to site
  3. Quick setup and launch
  4. Function without interference even in difficult conditions
  5. Protection from rain, snow and bad weather
  6. Mobility
  7. Ease of use
  8. Remote monitoring and management
  9. Company class quality
  10. Easy upgrade
  11. Environmentally friendly
  12. Simple design

Initial token offer

  • Ticker: INMG
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Decimal: 18
  • Total emissions: 150,000,000 INMG
  • Minimum purchase amount: $ 100
  • Payment method when buying on the exchange: BTC

Token Allocation:

  • 75% – token sales
  • Team – 15% of all tokens sold but not more than 15% of total emissions
  • Prize campaign – 8% of all tokens sold but no more than 5% of total emissions

Budget allocation:

  • 85% – Mining, installing and installing hardware, land rent, infrastructure
  • 13% – Overhead, including marketing
  • 2% – Other fees (including legal fees)


  • Q1 2019: Begin preparations for data center construction; team formation; negotiations with representatives of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone.
  • Q2 2019: Mine choice of hardware manufacturers, formation of marketing partnerships, work on white papers and tokenomics, white papers audited.
  • Q3 2019: Marketing campaign, launch of the prize campaign, starting from a closed presale.
  • Q4 2019: Main public round, token distribution, register at the first crypto exchange, start data center construction, purchase of mining hardware, team expansion.
  • Q1 2020: Payment and shipping of AC BlockBox, installation and setup, data center launch, work on interfaces for lottery and polling.
  • Q2 2020: First income, listing on five other crypto exchanges, lottery testing and selection procedures.
  • Q3 2020: Lottery and first poll.
  • Q4 2020: The first buyback-and-burn round.
  • Q1 2021: Purchase and launch of other mining modules.


Marat Akhmadullin: CEO / serial entrepreneurKirill Rechich: CTOStanislav Medyulyanov: Founder & serial entrepreneurSergey Fadeev: Founder & owner of a construction companyAlexey Nasybullin: IRMaxim Neretin: Marketing manager

Maybe this is all I can say to you, if you have questions about this project, please comment or you can directly visit the link I have given you to find out more details about their project, and once again I apologize if there are deficiencies in delivery words about this article, things have been reviewed before about making this article. thank you


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