Nexxus Rewards

Nexxus Rewards

Community Cooperative Solutions that Have Real Utility

Nexxus Rewards is the first global award loyalty technology for bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency. Nexxus Rewards meets people where they feel most comfortable today by accepting local fiat currencies and ultimately bringing them to cryptocurrency values.

Cryptocurrency is annoying, but more people need to understand it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen a series of services designed to help popularize cryptocurrency. They revolve around Nexxus Rewards –   Global Rewards Community  . The merchant loyalty program suffers from several problems that can be uniquely solved by blockchain technology. Because Nexxus Rewards resolves some industry-specific issues, it will help the overall cause of cryptocurrency adoption.

The core technology is Nexxus Rewards – a global gift community. Nexxus Rewards facilitates the use of cryptocurrency in a win-win-win situation for traders, buyers and local communities. Buyers have mobile and desktop applications to find Nexxus merchants to collect and exchange Nexxus Prize points. Nexxus Merchants has Nexxus promotional ads in their stores. Nexxus Rewards technology has begun operating with beta traders currently offering free cash back prizes to buyers.

Nexxus traders can come from all types of businesses in the local community such as bakeries, salons, restaurants, boutiques, dry cleaning, tire shops, flower shops, souvenir shops, cafes, pizza dining rooms, burger joints, frozen yogurt shops, grocery stores, grocery stores, services station, butcher shop, game center, miniature golf, cinema, home improvement, real estate, car dealership, etc.

Nexxus Rewards plans for explosive growth worldwide with trained and certified independent direct sales force and distribution strategies designed to create critical mass in the local community to provide enough buyers for traders and enough traders for buyers.

Nexxus Partners has a strong technology background and has developed all of its technology internally for years. All technologies, including the Nexxus Global Rewards system and many supporting services such as the Nexxus University Learning Management System (LMS), the Nexxus Barter system, and the Direct Sales Management system are all developed, owned and controlled by Nexxus without third-party dependency. for critical functionality. This allows Nexxus to move quickly with improvements and improvements to meet the changing needs of the business environment.


The best local problem. The best local charities and non-profit organizations in the community, both in local soup kitchens to feed the homeless, local shelters to protect battered women, or local animal shelters for animals that are needed.

However, these programs are too often underfunded and hindered by government bureaucracy, spending excessive costs, and spending donations on time.

Small and medium-sized businesses provide the majority of jobs and their most important needs are the community. A higher percentage of every dollar spent with a local business remains in the local community. But they struggle to compete with big companies, big stores, and national chains.

20% of small businesses fail in their first year. 30% fail in the second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years.


Charities get an endowment fundraiser that is used to fund their social goals that are not limited to a network of buyers who are referred indefinitely who tell their friends, and who tell their friends, and … you can get a search.

Traders get and retain new customers with marketing solutions that free and buy where they pay nothing before the sale, and the compilation they pay, they ask for their own prices.

Buyers collect and exchange Nexxus Reward points distributed like cash from all merchants received. That free shopping dollar is only for shopping and sharing with their friends.

The Nexxus Prize technology must be prepared for the production of money with product development and testing for the completed market


Nexxus Token has a default buyer demand from the internal currency of the Nexxus Prize. Every purchase in any currency drives the buyer’s purchase and the value of the Nexxus token. Get from the money used for purchases, get cash back prizes offered by automatic sellers bought from the market in the Nexxus token.

For example, if a trader offers a 10% cash back gift and the shopper spends $ 100, Nexxus Rewards takes $ 10 from the merchant and buys $ 10 Nexxus token from the public exchange. Potential to buy millions of dollars every day on Nexxus Points.

Similar to Ether coins used by Ethereum, Nexxus tokens have uses as an internal currency for Nexxus Rewards and can increase the value of a compilation using Nexxus Rewards solutions to grow worldwide. Ethereum provides marketing services for market programmers, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a much larger market of traders and buyers.


Nexxus Token will soon start public sales.

50M Nexxus tokens are offered at a price of $ 0.20 each with a

BUY GUARANTEED $ 1.00 from merchant shopping transactions

SYMBOL: NXX – Nexxus Token

TYPES OF TOKEN: ERC20 Utility Token


TOTAL SUPPLY: 375.000.000

SALE TOKENS: 50,000,000

SOFT / HARD CAP: $ 2 million – $ 10 million USD

Token Distribution

TOTAL SUPPLY: 375.000.000

ANGEL: 98.000.000 – 26%

Nexxus Token is issued to initial investors for seed capital.

RESEARCH: 56,000,000 – 15%For more informationWebsite:;u=2579434

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