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Marriage Agency allows you to solve almost all organizational problems. This is because of the relevance of such a business. To hold a wedding celebration in any city in our country and even outside its borders offers many companies and serious individuals. But most of them are involved simultaneously holding various events and such companies are not the main competitors of the proposed business.

Listereum   is an automated service for arranging weddings. We exclude all intermediaries between clients and people who will be directly involved, each in their own business: restaurants, musicians, florists, etc.

Project viewers   are men and women of married age. Their financial position is not a problem, because a business plan implies service under any program budget. This may be a simple wedding in a cafe for 20 people, without live music, fireworks, and other specialties. Or maybe a wedding in a fancy restaurant, with the face of the media as a wedding presenter and procession consisting entirely of limousines.

Marriage Agency – one of the most profitable and promising activities.

On average, today’s marriage is spent from 10 thousand to 50 thousand dollars. According to official statistics, there are around 170 million marriages per year in the world.

This data tells us that the organization of marriage is a very profitable and promising business. Therefore, even if there are serious competitors on the market, and if the business is properly organized, making profits is unavoidable.

LISTEREUM is a service where all the goods and services needed to organize marriages gather in one place. Future brides need to do a large number of jobs to organize weddings: create guest lists, send invitations, order restaurants, transport, musicians, designers. Buy wedding clothes, cakes, flowers, gifts and more. All of this can now be done in a few clicks on the LISTEREUM service.

What can be placed on your wedding website:

1. History of partners 

Of course, not all guests know about dating, novels, your marriage proposal. Or maybe someone from the invitation only meets the bride or just the groom. Post stories on the site and decorate with photos from your archives to help guests better understand your feelings, get to know your interests and hobbies, and get closer to you.

2. Information about marriage. 
Show on the website:  
– date and place of celebration (or arrival time at each point, if more than one location is planned), to avoid unnecessary and questionable questions that might or might not give you important information  
– map Location to location or location (by public transportation, by taxi, by private car – show parking space); 
– short wedding day (registration at the registration office, hiking, photo sessions, dinner at restaurants, etc.); 
– dress code (if planned) or the main color of your wedding so that guests can support them in their costumes; 
– Plan a chair at the dining table (this prevents confusion when entering the banquet room).

3. Information about guests. 
If not all guests know each other well, they may want to meet those who need to sit at the same table. Publish some information about each guest and his portrait, so that from the start a friendly and comfortable atmosphere applies. It is also easy to do a survey on the website if you are not sure whether all guests want to choose dinner or a music menu for the holiday dance section.

4. Information about contractors. 
Are there any friends who are planning to get married? Tell them about the contractor you found – this is very useful information. Or maybe you just want to attract the attention of professionals who are preparing for the celebration and to say a few words about their work?

5. Marriage. 
This site can completely replace paper invitations. With the help of modern services, you can send electronic invitations to guests who confirm their participation by clicking the link. Of course, if there are parents among invited parents, they must submit a classic invitation on paper.

6th price list. 
On a personal website, you can place a wish list with the desired gift list: just register or create an interactive list where guests can mark what they gave. It’s very easy and saves time and effort for event heroes and people who love them.

7. Preparation for marriage. 
Of course, your friends and relatives will be interested in how to get married. You can save a special blog on the website and upload photos from the wedding salon, from exercises to hairstyles, jewelry stores, and shows from your chosen wedding location.

8. Celebration photos. 
This page is useful after the main day. It is very convenient to take lots of wedding photo photos and video clips installed by the operator. You don’t need to send photos and videos to guests. Anyone can come at any time and download the picture you want. You can use this gallery as an unforgettable wedding album, review photos anytime on your mobile, tablet or computer and show them to your friends and relatives who did not attend the party.

9. Enter or book. 
The wedding page can have other useful functions: Here you can send a report about the preparation and execution of the wedding as a warning for couples preparing for the main day. Or create a guest book where everyone can submit their comments and suggestions.

Listereum provides a friendly and easy-to-use website maker that allows brides to make their own websites or make use of professional services.

All wedding services in one place

Lictereum is a service for newlyweds, where they can find everything they need for their vacation. Starting from personal sites and guest lists to honeymoon.


an invitationServices for creating, printing and sending beautiful invitations


Restaurant reservationServices for ordering restaurants and ordering food


SirServices ordered by master with rank


Wedding cakeWedding Cake Service


Flowers and DesignRestaurant design service


marketLooking for a wedding gift.


DrinksWholesale store of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages


honeymoonHoneymoon Travel Service

Beautiful site and wedding invitation

Services for creating wedding sites where newlyweds can create guest lists, send invitations online, talk about places to rest, give directions and more. Also make or order a beautiful invitation card.

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Image module

Search Guide

Here the couple can bring along restaurants, musicians, presenters, flower shops, and many other artists needed for an unforgettable vacation. All masters will share reviews and ratings.

Create a wedding website

Personal sites are nothing new in the field of wedding services, but don’t lose their relevance. Today, the Internet is the fastest and easiest way to communicate and receive information, and, preparing for the main day, I want to optimize all processes as much as possible. Here is the help of a partner’s personal site, which contains all useful information about marriage. You only need to provide a link to everyone you want to see on a holiday, and you will avoid calling guests for hours on the list and many similar questions

1 000 000 list
1 list = 0.001 et
Bonus: 25%

1 500 000 list
1 list = 0.005 et

Team List: 500,000
List of prizes: 100,000




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