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Greetings, congratulations to all cryptocurrency lovers. This time I will provide information about a project that is very interesting for you to know in a new cryptocurrency called  AIO Casino  . Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.Blockchain is increasingly known on the web and, this is a fast intensive lesson if you have just discovered the term ‘blockchains’, what it is and how blockchain casino clubs work. Initially, you have to understand what blockchains are. Above all, the blockchain is an advanced record that is used to record exchanges and online transactions using digital currencies. Exchange is recorded sequentially and can be accessed freely.In addition, rules and procedures can be linked to online casino platforms. This gives you the appearance of a blockchain club that applies blockchain innovation for internet betting. The impact of this is to give total credibility to web-based bets.

How does it work?

AIO Coins are Ethereum Blockchain based ERC-20 tokens, which allow you to get several wins from the casino. We decided to make coins on Ethereum Blockchain because this blockchain is a famous, safe and universal solution that provides a high level of transparency and diversity in how to secure and store tokens for their owners.

  • Instant Withdrawal

Instant deposits and withdrawals. Each user can immediately withdraw and save coins, from his AIO Casino account, without any conditions.

  • Benefits of AIO Holders

With AIO tokens you can participate in company profits and choose new games.

  • Encouraged by the community

Our growing community of casino crypto players is our greatest asset and top priority. Feedback, ideas and opinions are always received from our players.

  • Proven fair

Maximum transparency and security are guaranteed by fully decentralized solutions and Smart Contracts.

  • Various kinds of games

Various game options present more variety for players.

  • Development

The AIO team will continue to improve the platform and also develop new games, as well as improve the current one.

Token AIO

  • Sales Token Details

XX billion AIO Tokens will be issued. Each AIO token will initially be mapped into one ERC20 token that fits in the Ethereum ecosystem because the AIO Casino ecosystem is currently being developed.

The aim of the AIO casino is to offer only one casino. To improve game options for users and bring changes to player benefits. AIO will be a revolution in the casino market. AIO gives users full control of their funds, a very important difference compared to other casinos. With this blockchain model, it will form a standard in casinos. Agreements based on the Tron blockchain will be made in ecosystems that operate with smart contracts. With new games, users will be able to withdraw to casinos operating on the web. These games:

  • Game dadu AIO
  • Play AIO
  • Designed as a game like AIO Moon. 
    The casino will have a web browser that is connected to the internet at the AIO casino. Users will be able to access the site with any device; they will be able to use the mobile version that looks web. This will be a multilingual platform that will support English at the beginning of regulation in transparency and justice with smart agreements.

One obstacle and the biggest problem associated with centralized online casino platforms is that not all of them are transparent and trustworthy. In the end, most online casino platforms place basic information such as payments, game results, prizes deliberately kept away from the players. In any case, the game blockchain platform is a type of online gambling club that is completely new and fully decentralized, without the requirement for outsiders to confirm transactions and exchanges made. This encourages trust and transparency in the gambling industry, which is why  AIO CASINO  has introduced a new blockchain casino platform for players around the world.The AIO CASINO platform   has introduced a series of games on its platform where players in the world have enjoyed various games on the platform and it is believed that there will be a wave of players at  AIO CASINO  after being fully launched. One of the benefits that you get when playing on the AIOCASINO gambling platform includes: GAMEPLAY FAIR, WITHOUT LIMITATION OF COUNTRIES, FAST AND FINE TRANSACTIONS, BENEFITS OF AIO HOLDERS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS.The emergence of blockchain technology has made gambling easier than a few years ago. With the AIO CASINO platform the   game has been made simple for new and existing players to play coupled with good payments and returns on all games. The AIO CASINO game feature   will definitely attract players around the world after it is fully launched.There were many casino platforms before the launch of AIOCASINO but none of them really could match  AIOCASINO  in terms of transaction speed, big profits and big dividend payment prizes for token holders and many more offers on the platform.AIOCASINO  has introduced the AIOTOKEN token   known as AIO which will be used for various activities after the platform is fully launched.


Symbol Token => AIOToken Supply => 2,900,000 AIOSales Supply => 2,030,000 AIOsBlockchain Type => ETHEREUMToken Type => ERC20

Screenshot_20190507-084448 ~ 2.png


60% is allocated to sell tokens15% is allocated to Corporate Funds10% is allocated for pre-sales10% Allocated for Teams & Advisors5% is allocated for Marketing and Gift Programs

Screenshot_20190507-084454 ~ 2.png


40% is allocated to Marketing30% allocated for marketing15% allocated for operational costs10% is allocated for liquidity5% is allocated for Legal


Screenshot_20190507-084458 ~ 2.png


Based on the data and facts that are visible, AIO Casino is very good to review and invest in. It is based on reality for now, many projects are not good, and make everyone who invests a lot of questions about their certainty and truth, so if you want to invest in this project, you have to read all about the article that I made, so you can find out more about this ICO project from them.To get more relevant details from the AIO Casino project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:Website: / view? usp = shareANN: AioCasinoTelegram: ; Ninejera
Ethereum address: 0xd084c0ba3a0c3c3664381fe03b3e8d134287dc33

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