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GLBrain is an internet platform that solves major problems related to social networking

How is GLB different?

GLBrain is an online platform that solves major problems related to social networking and commercial email platforms that are currently available to users. On the one hand, users on their communication platforms lose ownership and control over their data. On the other hand, in managing your personal life and online business, users face a fragmented market that makes them focus

The GLBrain data structure further enables a number of unique features that range from facilitating local social entrepreneurship, to enabling small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) around the world to better utilize the internet to promote and sell their goods and services, to connect to develop specific communities through special chain code to create a new way of community management built on hyperchain and blockchain technology

Current problem

Now, while the largest and leading social networks have many years of useful work behind them, it is difficult to emphasize that their newest role is largely established in the unusual communication from customers with each other. After all, you might have heard various news about how our favorite social networks collect and send our personal guidance to other advertising companies. Which in turn, on the foundation of the data obtained, overhauled the marketing and advertising of their companies.

  • At the same time, this problem immediately proves to us that each of our shopper guidelines is vulnerable and never secret. In addition, using it without our consent will result in violation of buyer’s rights.

Turning their attention to everything that happened, the group of experts decided to give customers new conditions for communication with each other, where all personal guidance would basically not be kept safe, but as an additional secret. So, I am happy to introduce GLBrain.



As you might have guessed, GLBrain is an Internet platform whose basic goal is to fix all the problems defined above in proportion to the smooth functioning of social networks. At the same time, the platform itself intends to introduce new instruments for customers to talk to each other, restore their talents to handle their personal data, and maintain their privacy, reliability and security.

But to supply all of those features, GLBrain has built a different relational database, and implemented additional encryption and use of Blockchain technology. At the same time, the developers of GLBrain decided to use SkyFiber as a foundation for the blockchain to make their database more reliable and secure.


Unique Property On GLbrain

It’s important to note that GLBrain goes beyond many shiny social networks in terms of technical characteristics, the same in terms of trust and privacy. At the same time, the GLBrain format is open for both personal and commercial use. However, as far as you can know, at this level, almost every commercial organization is pressured to replace other types of guidelines as a side activity. This ability that the safety and confidentiality of these activities is very important to them.

Because this has an impact now that is not purely the life of the producer itself, but also all its operations. This desire is very acute now, while each commercial organization processes and produces only dozens and even mass GB of news per day.


Advantages in the GLbrain project

The net benefit of GLBrain is the fact that this platform already has an initial audience of 50,000 customers with general information about 300,000 customers per month. Which is quite perfect for beginners, indicator. But that was purely the beginning, just because of the factual approach to the marketing approach, the founders of GLBrain intend to overcome this milestone and demonstrate their walking instruments to tens of thousands, and even millions, of customers of the social community throughout the world.

In addition, within the GLBrain framework, customers can fully use different ad packages, as well as further e-Commerce features, so that they not only sell their products, but also different products. At the same time, if the individual does not understand, GLBrain can have all the basic functions, such as in general social networks. That is, all creators of content material can accept the possibility to show their creativity in front of the intended audience, that is to publish: photos, films, or other content.


SkyFiber is the foundation of blockchain 3.0 and can be described as an immeasurable blockchain network placed side by side, like a string. This is a technological feature that cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum can never achieve, because they have never been engineered to measure indefinitely.

● Unmatched Security

SkyFiber solves security weaknesses related to the consensus algorithm Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS). Thanks to its revolutionary consensus protocol called Obelisk, the GLBrain blockchain is immune to 51% of attacks and prevents the tendency of the typical centralization of POW and POS. This makes GLB coins one of the safest digital assets on the market.

● High throughput

Blockchain Bitcoin can handle 6 transactions per second (TPS) and Ethereum can handle 30 TPS. With Fiber, the GLBrain blockchain can currently handle 300 TPS with a target of 3000 TPS in future implementation. Fiber offers performance and reliability that is unmatched by other blockchain solutions.

● No Transaction Fees

Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions can be very expensive in periods of high traffic. GLB users, on the other hand, can trade for free without creating the risk of network congestion. This is possible thanks to the Coin Hour system, which reduces the risk of spam transactions and makes the network free of transaction costs.

● Low Energy Consumption

Bitcoin and Ethereum damage the environment, need a lot of energy to mine. SkyFiber has been designed for environmental sustainability and does not require much electricity or billions of dollars of equipment to make new coins.

The GLB Coin and Economy

The GLB coins are a sign utility that provides ticket access to business services from the online platform GLBrain.

● GLB supply is set at 300,000,000 coins.

● 40% will be offered in personal and OTC sales and in 3-step IEO campaigns.

● After IEO, GLB will be available for trading on several exchanges.

Token Information

The GLBrain platform’s internal token is GLB. With it, you can have access to business services with discounts to the GLBrain platform. The total number of tokens is 300 million. The price for 1 coin is 0.1 euro. 37 million 200 thousand GLB tokens were allocated for pre-sales. 82 million 800 thousand GLB tokens are allocated in IEO.

Token Information

The GLBrain platform’s internal token is GLB. With it, you can have access to business services with discounts to the GLBrain platform. The total number of tokens is 300 million. The price for 1 coin is 0.1 euro. 37 million 200 thousand GLB tokens were allocated for pre-sales. 82 million 800 thousand GLB tokens are allocated in IEO.

Distribution Token: 

27% – Cash back

12.4% – Pre and OTC Sales

27.6% – YES

5% – Corporate Gifts

15% Founder

13% – Consultants and partners


The GLBrain project team is quite large and has many years of experience in fields such as blockchain, engineering, programming, marketing and so on.


In my opinion, the GLBrain project looks promising, because it solves serious problems related to social networking. I think if the team continues to work at the same pace, then the project has every chance of being successful.

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by; Ninejera



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