decentralized transparency, structure and security

Blockchain is a database in the type of computerized records. It incorporates a non-developing overview of information notes that are sticked together to renditions and changes. Records are masterminded in groups of information called squares and each box is associated with the previous one with hashing capacity, forming a chain of obstacles that cannot be changed.

Blockchain is another innovation. We can characterize blockchain as a mixture of innovations that are shown that are connected in other ways. It joins the Internet, deviates, cryptography and manages the urge to provide registration of food data and appropriations that issue requirements for people who are trusted to gather. It makes significant value development without intermediaries, it’s simple and safe.

The primary social biological system that will allow each part of the blockchain innovation to be accessed, subjectively changing the conditions of the relationship between speculators, consultants, and new companies. In Illuminates will be collected the best arrangements and apparatus for the improvement of experts and the implementation of the most progressive thinking.

illuminates  is How it works About us The first social ecosystem that will make it possible to provide all the benefits of blockchain technology, qualitatively changes the conditions of interaction between investors, freelancers and beginners. At Illuminates the best solutions and tools for professional development and the application of the most revolutionary ideas will be collected

With the Illuminates stage, you will get an overview of amazing assets that help turn your mind into the real world and get funding. By utilizing our stage, you can develop the fame associated with reputation as a business visionary, who can create creative items at the forefront. Meanwhile, by utilizing the use of the stage, the writer can find individuals who will help carry out certain tasks using an independent commercial center. Companies, adventure assets, and heavenly servant speculators will get guaranteed access and be tied to a large collection of new companies that are examined point-by-point data about their colleagues and experiences.

Turning on is a directly decentralized ecosystem. Our fundamental difference from the other stages of the cryptographic money collection promise is that Illuminates gives you a good opportunity to make an effort from the start. The lit group has enough talent and experience to solve all your business problems, get help with the progress component and support your startup at all stages.

Stage means delivering the best speculation openings and uses for tokenized venture vehicles. The use of assets is one of the key components of the stage that makes a solid collaboration with other stage components such as new business and exchanges. Donors can without many traces of all store activities on stage using illuminating certainty of the following innovations, or buying / selling financial tokens on trade at any time.

What we offer

Startup Ecosystem: Startup Ecosystem

With the Illuminates platform, you will receive a list of powerful tools that will help translate your ideas into reality and get funding. Using our platform, you can create an actual reputation as an entrepreneur who can create the latest innovative products. At the same time, using platform functionality, founders can find people who will help to implement this or that project using the freelance market.

Companies, venture capital funds, and angel investors will receive guaranteed and safe access to a large number of proven startups with detailed information about team members and their experiences.

> Startup ecosystem

With the Illuminates platform, you will receive a list of powerful tools that help turn your ideas into reality and get funding. By using our platform, you can build a reputation for facts as an entrepreneur, who can create the latest innovative products. At the same time, by using platform functionality, founders can find people who will help implement certain projects using the freelance market.
Corporations, venture funds, and angel investors will get guaranteed and guaranteed access to a large number of verified startups with detailed information about team members and their experiences.

> Funds

The platform aims to provide the best investment opportunities and functions for pegged investment vehicles. Funds functionality is one of the key elements of the platform that creates strong synergies with other platform elements such as startups and trading. Contributors can easily track all fund operations on the platform using the fact tracking technology, or buy / sell fund tokens on the exchange at any time.

> Trading

Most platform functionalities use cryptocurrency as the main payment instrument, so our goal is to provide the most flexible and transparent instrument for trading p2p.
Illuminating DEX presents a new level of transparency for users because of its unique architecture, which also makes it possible to add new functionality without migrating funds.The Illuminates is a unique tool for creating trustworthy, transparent and comfortable relationships between cryptocurrency market participants. In this section, we will explain the full functionality of this project and its main advantages. In the next section, each point will be defined in more detail along with a description of the technical implementation.

LUM specifications

  • Standard –  ERC 777
  • Token name –  Lumen
  • Symbol –  LUM
  • Price from Tokens –  $ 0.1
  • Emissions –  160,000,000 LUM

Token Allocation

The total Illuminates token emissions will be equal to 160,000,000 LUM tokens, which will be divided in the following proportions:

  • 76% – Crowdsale – 121,600,000 LUM
  • 18% – Team & advisors – 28,800,000 LUM
  • 2.87% – Treasury (foundation) – 1528490 LUM
  • 3.13% – Bonus – 5,008,000 LUM

ICO Pre Details

  • Hard cover – 46600000 LUM
  • Price from token – $ 0.12
  • Maximum price of the token – $ 0.22
  • Step price increase – $ 600 000
  • Unsold tokens will be transferred to the Fund with Locked by 1 year
  • The minimum investment is $ 1.

All Teams


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