FRED Energy

FRED Energy

promote and facilitate the use of energy in alternative ways

Today we see massive changes by car manufacturers and oil giants towards electric vehicles (EV) and EV driving speeds will become increasingly fast standards. The social and economic changes adopted en masse by EV alone will be large, current electricity and will continue to be the dominant energy requirement for consumers. While the EV revolution will play an important role in future energy needs in developed countries, new economies, population growth and increased use of electrical equipment and equipment are also contributors to future estimates of a 30% increase in global demand by 2040.

This is where we look towards the bigger picture and imagine solutions for our future energy needs lies in new methods of generating energy, educating consumers in energy efficiency and bringing energy generation to the consumer level. The theory is breaking the current cycle by encouraging consumers if possible to reduce their energy costs by producing their own electricity and becoming more energy efficient, this in turn will help stabilize costs, provide more affordable energy and energy security for all.

FRED Energy aims to promote and facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers and Funding Research into Energy Devices (FRED) Rising energy costs, fuel poverty and access to support and funding for energy device innovators are some of the problems that FRED Energy aim to solve.

Increasing energy costs, fuel poverty and access to support and funding for energy device innovators are some of the problems that FRED Energy wants to solve.

We believe diversification will be the key to our success and have several projects that can be achieved with relatively low funding requirements, namely;

Project Energize will focus on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. The EV filling station market is currently emerging worldwide and while large companies are investing in major infrastructure, there is a need for smaller independence to meet niche segments.

Market development for alternative energy all things. Initially displaying our partner products, it will eventually include home and commercial EV chargers, solar panel systems, electric vehicles, consumer wind turbines and other related gadgets with payment options to include FRED Energy tokens and other cryptocurrency in addition to traditional methods. It will also feature innovator products and provide a platform for collaboration on new methods of energy reduction and generation.

Funding Research into Energy Devices (FRED), many of the world’s biggest discoveries have been made by people with little scientific expertise but have developed their findings through trial and error. Today, there are engineers, scientists and hobby inventors who develop technology that will one day change the way we produce, consume and store energy.

The biggest problem they face is the lack of resources or funds to fully realize their findings and bring them to market. Our goal is to collaborate with this technology developer and create partnerships by providing funding for projects that can change the energy system that we know today. We are already in discussion on several innovations and patents that aim to maximize energy production and storage.

FRED  can be used to:

  1. Safety case preparation and update
  2. Justification for new designs and operations
  3. Facility layout and equipment optimization
  4. Pre-incident planning and emergency response studies
  5. Study of domino effect / escalation management
  6. Accident investigation
  7. Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) – with results that are directly integrated into Shell’s QRA tool, Shepherd

Key Benefits:

  1. Learn from extensive R&D knowledge from Shell and Gexcon and integrate Shell’s operating experience
  2. Provides users with advanced Fire, Release, Explosion and Dispersion models
  3. Allows users to produce predictions of consequences quickly and reliably
  4. Integrated model transparency gives users confidence in reliability and

How to trust FRED tokens 

Most wallets use the same principle when adding trustlines. 
One of the easiest methods is to register at   and create an account

Token Information 

Simbol: FRED
Tipe: Utilitas
Harga PreICO: 1 FRED Energy / FRED = 0,01 USD
Harga 1 FRED Energy / FRED = 0,03 USD
Peron: Stellar
Menerima: XLM, ETH, BTC, LTC
Soft cap: 2.400.000 USD
Hard cap: 12.000.000 USD

Allocated funds

Project Accelerate 10% 
Project Give 
Energy 55% Research Funds into Energy Devices 20% 
Shop.fredenergy 5% 
Marketing 5% 
Legal, company establishment fee 5%


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