Bitcoin in 2009, the United States for (苨) financial crisis, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is a time that is in full swing between the government and the central bank with the dollar falling and starting to take dollars because of this centralized QE concern by an anonymous developer named “Satoshi Nakamoto” to use money without the intervention of strong entities. Bitcoin prices jumped 125% in 2016, reaching $ 990, and prices exceeded $ 1,000 in early January 2017. Prices jumped more than four times a year and four months compared to summer 2015, when prices dropped to $ 220 due to concerns about price stability, including hacking. After peaking at $ 20,000 after breaking the $ 10,000 mark for the first time on November 29, 2017, Prices have dropped and now stand at 82% below the peak. Bitcoin mining has continued to be mined since the bit coins were made, but the market has not seen much light compared to the curve of the rise in the price of fast bit coins. However, when the value of bitcoin quickly changes, the majority of investors who cannot handle it on time start

Kazakhstan is the most ideal country in terms of regional conditions and profitability in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is committed to strengthening its digital economy at the national level and affordable electricity. 
In August this year, Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev invested in promoting the basic concept of digitalization law 
as a new approach to increasing its members’ market share without undermining public confidence in the country to promote the value creation industry and reduce the share of raw materials. And plans to encourage innovation.
Kazakhstan aims to join the 30 largest industrial countries in the world by 2050 and will launch a national program “Digitizing Kazakhstan 2017-2020” to digitize, develop new economies from the competitiveness of the Kazakh economy through the development of an aggressive digital economy to realize. Models and strategies for economic development also influence actors in the global cloud computing market. This is an over-productive network that integrates hundreds of specialized computer systems that can function as strong shafts
to attract talented businesses and help Kazakh citizens win a healthy share of the domestic market. The mining process involves the location of a country. Although this process is digital, environmental factors influence this activity. Not all regions can mine. This is because each region has different geographical conditions that directly affect mining activities. Due to high power consumption and the need for stable internet networks, geographical conditions affect the mining activities of digital assets. The mining industry will involve mining companies. Its mission is to provide facilities and ensure sustainable management of processes under controlled conditions. This company has an er.Es roleThere are some areas that are considered to be less than optimal for mining activities, such as: For example China. Population density and high activity levels make the state grid system less suitable for mining. This gave rise to the idea of ​​finding a new mining location that was very strategic and supported by many factors, especially geography. The Central Asia region is the most appropriate choice to turn Kazakhstan into a new mining center. Ideal environmental conditions and adequate availability of resources make this country in accordance with the desired criteria. Therefore, the Kazakh government finally agreed to build infrastructure for the demolition of digital assets in their country to improve the economy.

Business Model and Facite Dividend Foundation

The Facite Foundation also operates maps of Kazakh buses and solar power plants. The solar power plant will be built in Almaty, one of the three largest cities in Kazakhstan. The Facite Foundation will receive a portion of the profits from these two projects and forward them to facite holders. FacTe Token holders will receive dividends from the profits of Pavlodar Facite Mining Center, Shimkent City Bus Card Project and solar power plant projects. Profits associated with holders can be examined in detail using the Facite Foundation dividend table.

solar power plant

Promotion of Kazakhstan’s renewable energy business. Khan 21 HOLDING entered the field of solar energy. Buy a business license as a chosen investment company – Talgar City Project Area, Solar Power Station, and Hydropower The first Korean gate to be completed in Kazakhstan by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

transportation payment card

Get a license for INNOB CO., Ltd Introduction and operation of public transportation Planned to introduce a U-payment system

Data Center

Optimal environment, low-cost electricity data center for city-supported electrical equipment. More than 2 million mining equipment is available for 49 years of rent. OTHER DIFFERENCES.  Cheap electricity Data centers and city supporting electrical equipment. More than 2 million mining machines are available, rent for 49 years, looking for a better mining market with abundant sustainable energy. FACITE has taken a step forward, but mainly because with several innovations that need to be used, FACITE also guarantees sustainable returns

Karena Kazakhstan adalah negara kesembilan di dunia, sektor transportasi adalah aspek yang paling penting. Infrastruktur transportasi yang kurang berkembang memiliki dampak langsung pada pengembangan bisnis. Model bisnis proyek FACITE memperluas penggunaan sistem pembayaran otomatis universal. Sistem pembayaran semacam itu tidak hanya mencakup bus dan alat transportasi, tetapi juga ritel, apotek, pemesanan kartu, sistem pengelolaan uang elektronik, dan ATM. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang jadwal tiket bus Anda, kunjungi halaman buku putih. Tautan yang diperlukan ada dalam uraian. SatuArah penting lain untuk pengembangan FACITE adalah energi matahari. Kazakhstan sangat memperhatikan perlindungan lingkungan, penciptaan infrastruktur hijau dan sumber energi terbarukan. Kazakhstan memiliki kondisi geografis yang menguntungkan untuk produksi energi surya. Dalam kondisi ini, para ahli memprediksi perkembangan energi surya di Kazakhstan dengan rata-rata 17-32% per tahun. Selain itu, negara ini memiliki cadangan silikon dan ada pabrik untuk produksi sel surya.

Token didistribusikan sebagai berikut:

  • 40% akan mulai dijual
  • 20% dari bisnis perusahaan
  • 10% dari anggota tim
  • 10% Pemasaran
  • 10% untuk pengembang
  • 5% konsultan
  • Keamanan 5%

consultant TIM road map For more information:   Website:    https://www.facite.org/  White Book:     https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/8f0e7c_3b99c6eebe30449f9b30e0b477c01848.pdfTwitter:     https://twitter.com/ faciteofficial  Facebook:     https: // www.facebook.com/Facite-394735348032337/  Telegram:     https://t.me/faciteofficial thread ANN:     https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5124497   Instagram:    https: //www.instagram. com / faciteorg /  by; Ninejera Link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579434

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